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Courage to Experiment Programme

The goals, benefits and impacts of the Courage to Experiment Programme A culture of experimentation

Programme’s goals:

  • Facilitating the launch and implementation of municipally-led experiments and,
  • Benchmarking between municipalities and other parties
  • Drawing attention to experimenting in municipalities and making visible the interesting, promising and good practices.

Programme’s benefits and impacts:

  • Experimenting will strengthen the role of Finnish municipalities and the entire local government sector in innovating and improving overall efficiency.
  • Municipalities will consolidate their reputation as social reformers.
  • Crossing interfaces, an essential characteristic of experimenting, in areas larger than a municipality will increase the well-being and vitality of sub-regions and regions.

The Courage to Experiment Programme is based on the Prime Minister Sipilä´s Government Programme and one of its key projects, titled ’A culture of experimentation will be introduced’. 

Programme’s projects and activities:

  • A network open to everyone interested in experimenting and to other networks
  • Story workshops for learning from each other through experimental innovation
  • Municipally-led projects that contribute to the success of experiments
    • Innovative procurements, agile methods of participation, overall efficiency of experiments, and evaluation methods for experiments
  • Using and processing the information gained from research
  • ’Courage to Experiment’ network forum and co-operation with other programmes
  • ’Ambassadors’ (representatives from municipalities, regions and different interest groups) engaged in developing the programme further.

What do municipalities gain?

What do municipalities get

Programme’s principles and the Association’s role

  • Focus on municipalities, development
    • From bottom up
    • From outside in
  • Openness and multiple channels
    • Participants may join groups in different roles and invite others to join
    • Open, multi-channel communication, networks
  • Agility and a chance to participate
    • Experimenting can be fast
    • Projects when needed, for example procurements and evaluation, agile means of participation and overall efficiency are coming up
  • Processing information and sharing skills
    • Questionnaires and other research data in a usable form
    • Using national experiments and networking (the new digital municipality experiment)
  • Dissemination of and learning from experimental practices
    • Different methods
    • Also unfinished stories and slip-ups allowed


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