An impactful partner for local government

Our strategy

The strategy of the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities ‘An impactful partner for local government’ outlines the Association’s priorities and goals. It sets out the key measures we intend to take to advance the interests and development of local authorities and to reinvent ourselves.


Our mission

Local authorities lay the foundation for a good life for local residents. The Association works hard to enable the success of local authorities.

An impactful partner for local government

We strive to be an impactful partner for local authorities by building a sustainable foundation for their work and wellbeing, and by leading the way in society and giving voice to divergent local authorities. This requires new competence, consideration of the differences between local authorities and a forward-looking approach. The Association also aims to be an organisation with high employee wellbeing, a capacity for renewal and solid finances.

Impactful advocacy for the sustainability of local authorities

By sustainability, we mean economically, socially, ecologically and technologically sustainable cities, municipalities and service structures.

Impactful advocacy means leading the way

As a bold and proactive advocate, the Association raises socially important topics for discussion and leads the way.

Impactful advocacy for diverging local authorities

The Association pays greater attention to the growing differences between local authorities and gives voice to diverse groups. This requires a bolder approach to segmentation. We invest efforts in the activities and the facilitation of networks of different types of local authorities (large cities, regional cities and the adjoining municipalities, and small and sparsely populated municipalities). ​

Impactful advocacy within networks

We draw on the competence of our member cities, municipalities, networks and stakeholders. We increasingly work across boundaries in line with our values. We promote networking and support the networks in goal setting.

Impactful advocacy requires new competence

The Association is at the cutting-edge of municipal interest representation, expert knowledge, co-development, network management, and all these combined. An organisation with high employee wellbeing, the Association anticipates changes and has a capacity for renewal.

Impactful advocacy requires solid finances

The Association's finances are in balance, and the Association and its affiliated companies are financially solid.

The values and practices important to us

Staying one step ahead

We use foresight together with local authorities to anticipate changes in the operating environment. We produce new kinds of solutions and bold initiatives to support local authorities in all aspects of their work.

Cooperation across boundaries

We build cooperation and open dialogue between the Association and different local authorities and areas of responsibility. We build bridges and networks. 

Open operation culture

Openness builds confidence. Transparent information increases competence. This is why we work openly with local authorities and stakeholders. We communicate openly about our work and its results.

For more information, you can contact our specialists

Markus Pauni

Markus Pauni

Director of Strategy and Development
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  • director of the Strategy Unit
  • the Association's strategy and foresight and development activities
  • municipal policy and management
  • digitalisation and information society