Research and Development

The research activities of the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities (AFLRA) encompass projects to research, analyse and assess the local government. These projects are implemented by the AFLRA independently or in cooperation with other organisations conducting and promoting municipal research — with universities, universities of applied science and research institutes in particular.  

The research, analysis and assessment projects carry out versatile research on cities, municipalities and municipal actors. This includes looking into the different practices and solutions of local authorities and the changes that have been made and are planned to promote well-being, education, culture, employment, vitality, a well-functioning society, good governance, leadership, and democracy. 

The research data will be used for supporting the operational development of local authorities and activities related to foresight and advocacy. In a broader sense, this data is also useful in social debate and preparation concerning the conditions local authorities work within and the challenges they face.

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Research projects and programmes coordinated by the AFLRA

The new research programme Finnish Local Government in Transition 2025, launched in 2020, and the ARTTU2 Research Programme (2014–2018).


Development activities

The AFLRA conducts research, development and innovation activities to promote the modernisation of local authorities and the entire local government sector. To this end we collaborate widely in networks with various cities, municipalities, local government sector actors and researchers.