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Employees at the AFLRA


All Finnish municipalities, in total 310 (2020), are members of the AFLRA. We also provide services to and cooperate with Finnish hospital districts, regional councils and joint municipal authorities.


The AFLRA has a chief executive officer and two deputy managing directors, who together with the unit directors and HR and strategy managers form the extended executive board.

  • Minna Karhunen, CEO
  • Timo Reina, Deputy Managing Director
  • Hanna Tainio, Deputy Managing Director


The AFLRA has the following political organs:

  • the Delegation
  • the Board
  • electoral district assemblies
  • the Delegation of KT Local Government Employers
  • advisory committees

The Delegation and the Board consist of representatives of local authorities and have 76 and 15 members, respectively. The results of the municipal elections, held every four years, determine the political composition of the Board.

  • Chair of the Board: Joona Räsänen (Social Democratic Party)
  • 1st Deputy Chair: Sari Rautio (National Coalition Party)
  • 2nd Deputy Chair: Tapani Tölli (Centre Party)

KT Local Government Employers is part of the AFLRA and deals with labour market matters and issues relating to working life improvement.

The AFLRA has two advisory committees. The Advisory Committee for Small Municipalities ensures that the Association takes account of the special needs of small municipalities in its work. The Advisory Committee for Swedish-speaking Municipalities oversees that the Association provides services in Swedish to Finland’s Swedish-speaking and bilingual municipalities.


The AFLRA’s operating expenses and that of KT Local Government Employers total around -EUR34 million. The expenses are financed through membership fees, service charges, payment contributions, proceeds from product and service sales, project finance revenue, rental income, investment income and dividends from subsidiaries.


The AFLRA's subsidiaries engaged in business activity: